Family pack premium

& Pedal boat Toboggan + Kayak + Stand UP PADDLE
34€ / person


What is the Family Pack premium ?

A day of deckchairs (to enjoy and relax on the beach) + 2H of water activities (in the morning only) at a special rate: 30% off the normal price!


  • Deckchairs for the day
  • Multi-activity pack for the whole family, from 3 years old!
  • Come and discover three activities on the sea: stand up paddle, kayak and pedal slide!
  • 2 hours in the middle of nature: in the sea, to fill up with positive energy, to exercise in an exceptional setting.
  • A briefing is done before each activity by our qualified instructors and you evolve on the supervised water.
  • Morning time slot: 9:45 – 11:45, for more tranquility and to be sure to do the activities even with the youngest.

All the usual services of the club are at your disposal: private shower and toilets, changing rooms

The 4 activities of the Family Pack

Deckchairs with parasol + 2H activities : 34€ / person (free under 5 y.o.)

  • Deckchairs rental included
  • 30 min of Stand up paddle, to do first or second,
  • 30 min of kayaking, to be done first or second,
  • & 1h of Pedal boat slide, to do last.

The times can vary, we will adapt according to your desires and the weather

Stand up paddle : each one its board & compulsory vest for everyone

  • From 6-7 years old alone on a board
  • under 6 years old : with one of the parents on a board

Kayaking : double or single kayak & compulsory life jacket for everyone

  • From 6-7 years old, possibility to be in a single kayak
  • under 6 years old on a double kayak with one or both parents

Pedal boat slide : everybody on the boat ! (max. 5 people)

  • After rowing, it’s time to have fun and do a lot of diving in the sea!

Deckchairs rental + 2H of activities
nautical at a special rate